What is Ayisee Stock?

Ayisee Stock is a commercial platform offering high-quality, royalty-free photos and images, which connects photo and image authors to a variety of appreciative users, freelancers, local and international companies.

Founded by photographer Jameson Thermitus, Ayisee Stock creates a vibrant community of talented photographers in all fields to provide clients from everywhere exceptional content that they can explore and use for personal, commercial and editorial purposes.

Why create Ayisee Stock ?

Ayisee Stock will facilitate a freelancer or company located in Haiti or the Caribbean the possibility of uploading high quality photos and images to illustrate a marketing campaign with a Distribution License. Until now, it remains difficult to find photos and images representing our environment on most online stock photo platforms. From now on, a variety of categories such as Business, Sport, Education, Nature, Construction, Art & Beauty and many more are available on Ayisee Stock.

With our unique features and the efforts of its contributors, Ayisee Stock aims to be an ideal place for online stock photos that responds with creativity and passion to the specific needs of businesses of all sizes such as Billboard, Flyer, Business Card, Cover book, Newspaper, Newsletter etc.

Can other photographers submit their content?

All photographers of all categories can send their content to Ayisee Stock. If they agree and respect our terms and conditions, they will become contributors and receive a commission on the sale of their content.

Who is Jameson Thermitus, Founder of Ayisee Stock?

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, professional photographer and entrepreneur, I am a person who likes to tell stories not in writing but visually.  I’ve been passionated about photography since childhood and it later on becomes the only way for me to share my stories and my profession.

I am specialized in high-end fashion-focused photography  and portraits. I have been the official photographer for Miss Haiti since 2017. I have photographed many celebrities including RoodyRoodboy, T-Ansyto, Vanessa Désiré, Dj Roger and so many others.

I organized several events allowing influencers and photographers to meet such as “Haiti Meet and Greet” in 2017 and 2018, “Photoshop Week” in 2021, to name a few. Through these networking events, I developed the idea to create Ayisee Stock to promote the photography industry in Haiti and to have a better representation of us, our country and our identity.

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