• March 21, 2024
Kervin Brisseaux is a Digital illustrator whose work often portrays people of color.

Conversation with Haitian-American Digital Illustrator Kervin Brisseaux: Empowering Representation Through Characters and Illustrations of People of Color

Kervin Brisseaux is a Digital illustrator whose work often portrays people of color. Haitian-American creator, he has collaborated with big companies like Adobe Creative Suit, PUMA, New Balance, and more. In this blog post, we feature some of the live videos we did with Kervin, where he talked about a variety of topics related to art, creativity, and technology.

Biography of Kervin

Kervin Brisseaux is an artist and creative director who partners with clients across a variety of industries. He previously worked at Vault49, a world-renowned design agency based in New York and London. While at Vault, Kervin worked as a Design Director developing creative solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. His illustration style incorporates influences from fashion, music, anime and other facets of pop culture. Kervin is a proud Haitian-American whose design background is rooted in eight years of architectural study.

In this video, Kervin talks about

  • Haitian Heritage Through Art A Colorful Journey
  • How to Make Money and Define Your Style!
  • Balancing Your Unique Artistic Voice with Client Expectations
  • Unlocking the Future of Illustration Exciting Upgrades on Ayisee Stock Platform focusing on people of color
  • Ayisee Stock: Revolutionizing Media Representation for People of Color
  • From Architecture to Illustration: My Creative Journey and Quarantine Startup
  • Embracing AI Unlocking the Authenticity and Power of Digital Art

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We hope you enjoy these videos and learn something new from Kervin Brisseaux, a talented digital illustrator and Haitian-American creator.